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Handmade piñatas for handmade fun!



The hit of the party!

We are Las Piñatas and we make the most authentic piñatas in Vancouver. Our piñatas are handmade and carry on a custom – hitting colourful things with a stick in the name of candy – that’s been around for centuries.

Every piñata made by Las Piñatas is crafted with care and our unique designs are customary, customizable and quirky! 

Our piñatas are made to order. Let us know what you would like and we’ll get cracking on the hit of your next party.


The most authentic piñatas in Vancouver.


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"A smashing good time."

— C.B.

We are piñata architects

Las Piñatas is Thalia and Whitney, two life-long friends and art school graduates who live to make art and love to make crafts.

Take it from us, your party is missing a piñata – hit us up!