How are Las Piñatas made?

Las Piñatas are all made by hand by our piñata architects (Thalia and Whitney) using recycled materials such as newspaper, cardboard and glue with a Papier Mâché technique. Like all traditional Mexican piñatas, our unique designs come to life with a touch of colour from various tissue papers according to each design.

What kind of custom piñatas do you make?

We have some unique designs that we love, including the traditional Mexican star, human characters, animal characters or even emojis. We also love making new designs so if you have an idea, we'll gladly make it for you. We'll make pretty much anything! 

How big are the piñatas?

Our piñatas can be as big or as small as you want. The standard sizes of our piñatas range from 1.25ft to 2.75ft tall/long. All sizes are measured based on the longest edge of the design. Bigger piñatas are available upon request.

How far in advance can I order one of your piñatas?

We require a minimum of 10 days notice to design each piñata. However, we do limit the number of orders per month so make sure you get your order placed to ensure we have availability for it.

How much does a piñata cost?

Making a piñata is quite an art. Therefore, the price of the piñata will depend on how big (or small) it is. Our piñatas range from $60 to $140 for all of our standard sizes. If the piñata you want is outside of the standard sizes, we'll be happy to provide a quote for you. Any additional lettering and detailing can be added for another $10. 

Where can I buy one?

We work out of our home studios, therefore our piñatas are only available directly through us and thus cannot be found at any retail location. If you liked a piñata, you can connect with us to arrange for purchase. 

Any other questions?

At Las Piñatas, we love talking to people and spread the fun with our piñatas, so if you have any more questions for, please don't hesitate in reaching out via email hola@laspinatas.ca.